Wine Tasting Events

In centuries of drinking wine, one thing has never changed; you don’t drink a bottle of wine, you share it. Our wine events bridge the gap between the wine-drinker and the wine-maker. It’s a chance for our producers to shine, and for us to share the incredible stories that go into every bottle.

Wine tastings for everyone

No matter your wine knowledge, our tasting sessions are always fun and inclusive, packed with stories straight from the vineyard. We’ll teach you the basics of wine tasting, of different wine styles and varieties from around the world.

Wine dinners

Our chefs hate being upstaged by the wine, so our wine dinners are always superbly balanced and delicious. Best of all we often manage to snare one of our favourite winemakers as a guest – they’re all big personalities and bring anecdotes, information and the occasional tall tale from their own vineyards.

Wine Experiences & Events

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Wine Tasting Events