Wine Club

A Wine Club for one (that's you)

Direct from the vineyard to your front door.

Tailored to your tastes

Our Humble Geeks handpick a selection for you from our unique and sustainable independent vineyards.

From the winemaker to your door

We order the wines direct from the wineries themselves, so it’s a great way to support small producers.

Change preferences whenever you like

Then we deliver the wines to you (for free).

Cancel anytime

At all stages you are in complete control, so you can cancel or modify at any time.

Choose your package


That's a case each quarter


That's a case every two months


That's a case every month

What's in it for you?

Artisan wines, tailored to you, direct to your door.

Extra perks include 10% off the bill in our winebars (and any additional purchases, like wine to take away), free invites to wine tastings, tasting notes, food matching recommendations and more.

The science bit

To help select wines you’ll love, we’ve teamed up with Master of Wine and all-round humble chap, Tim Hanni.

His amazing ‘vinotyping’ process accurately suggest wines perfect for you, based on your answers to a few simple questions.

How much does it cost?

Each case of 6 bottles costs £120, roughly £20.00 per bottle. We think £20.00 strikes the perfect balance between affordability for you and support for the winemaker.

How much you are comfortable paying determines how often you receive your cases. £120 a month gets you a case every month, £60.00 a month gets you a case every two months, and £40.00 a month gets you a case every quarter.