Humble Wines

    We specialise in high quality boutique wines from small, family-owned vineyards and making these available to everyone who has a passion for wine. 


    Discover our wine selection

    We have sourced a few artisanal gems from France to Australia that will suit any occasion. Because we believe brilliant biodynamic wines shouldn’t be well-kept secrets or prohibitively priced. 


    Inclusive Wine Tastings

    Drinking wine should first and foremost be about enjoyment. This is why our wine tastings rank among the most inclusive and welcoming London has to offer. Travel to a new country with us each month to explore their wines.


    Corporate events

    Exclusive private dinners at your venue of choice or in our partner restaurants across London.

Welcome to Humble Grape


We believe great wine is for everyone - whether you’ve just picked up your first bottle of merlot or can expertly tell the difference between a Chablis and a Chardonnay. For us the quality of a wine is about so much more than its price and its vintage. It’s about the people who made it, the people who carefully selected it and the above all, the people who come together to share it.


Why choose Humble Grape wines?

Every good bottle of wine, regardless of the cellar it ends up in, starts with the same basic ingredient: the humble grape. We are committed to preserving the integrity of the humble grape by supporting small wine growers and family businesses, refusing synthetics and herbicides and insisting on sustainable, eco-friendly practices, providing an authentic and expertly curated wine experience. But humility is not just important in the making of wine. It is also an integral part of its drinking and enjoyment.


Wine tasting is for everyone.

Humble Grape was founded back in 2009 when one of our team was snootily informed that Chablis was actually Chardonnay. Whilst we love studying wines and always go to great lengths to learn about their production, it should never stand in the way of pure and simple enjoyment. We know the world of wine can be intimidating, which is why we go to such lengths to make our wine tasting events inclusive and approachable experiences. No matter your level of skill, you will be in good hands with Humble Grape. Relax, it’s just grape juice!

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