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Now, this was a lovely evening. On the evening of 27th June 2018, opened up the gorgeous hidden space at the foot of St. Bride’s Church, for our inaugural Humble Grape Supper Club.


Nearly thirty guests – a few regulars and a lot of new faces – shared a four-course Spanish-inspired dinner. Why Spanish? Because this Supper Club was in partnership with Imbibe Magazines amazing #ReThinkRioja campaign, and we opened a bottle or two of the most exciting rich reds we have.


(If you’re a regular, you know what two usually means…)


Great food, great wine, and sunshine (thank you, English summer!). We had such fun that we might just do it again next year. We’ll be letting everybody know the plan in good time, so if you’re not already signed up for our weekly newsletters, you can do so here.


We recommend you do – they’re a good read!


Keep your diaries clear, because Summer is only just around the corner, and we’d love for you to join us again. We could go on, but you only really wanted to see the photos anyway, right?


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Humble Grape Supper Club

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