Focus on: Brewing a Better Planet

Here at Humble Grape, we work with a handful of suppliers other than our wine makers. When selecting who we work with, we make sure they uphold & celebrate similar ethos regarding sustainability.

Our newest beer partner, Toast Ale (whose founder, Tristram Stuart, is a lead campaigner against the Food Waste scandal), have a philosophy we want to spread. Below are some facts from Toast Ale:

Food production is the biggest impact we have on the planet.

Yet, globally we waste one-third of all food produced – that’s 1.3 billion tons every year. In the UK, bread is the worst offender – 44% is never consumed. Toast Ale is on a mission to change this.

Toast Ale sustainably brew award-winning beer with fresh, surplus bread and pour all profits into environmental charities to tackle systemic food waste and its impact on the planet.


Each bottle contains a slice of surplus bread

And the result is a range of four different beer styles, each of which has been recognised for their quality – from Great Taste awards through to the International Beer Challenge – the beer isn’t just better for the planet, it tastes amazing too.

They brew in Yorkshire with Wold Top Brewery

– one of the UK’s most sustainable breweries. All malted barley is grown on site, so it travelling metres rather than miles, the fresh water comes from a bore hole on site whereas the whole operation is powered by wind.

Even the spent grain, a waste product from the brewing process, is fed to animals on the farm to minimise waste wherever possible.


This approach has landed with sustainable drinkers, helping us to brew with over 1 million slices of surplus bread (for context, that is over 1.5x the height of Mount Everest when stacked).


By rescuing this vast quantity of surplus bread, we are able to:

  • Upcycle the ingredients, resources and energy that went into producing a product that would otherwise go to waste.
  • Offset the land and water demands of the brewing process by reducing the barley bill.
  • Avoid harmful greenhouse gas emissions from bread waste sitting in landfill.
  • Fund meaningful action by donating all profits to charities that look to create a fairer food system.


We were recently announced as the 2018 Global SDG Award Winner for SDG #12 – Responsible Consumption & Production, a Global award which recognises private sector business working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Join Our Upcoming Grape to Grain Tasting with Toast Ale!